To Do


Amazing waves

From starting out, to intermediate all the way up to advanced, San Juan is a great place to shred some waves. Enjoy the weather and the crowd. A consistent swell will keep you in the ocean for hours!

Horseback Riding


You can't get much more dreamy than this! Go for a ride along the Nicaraguan coast on these majestic creatures. Bask in the sun as you, your friends, or your loved one enjoy a moment that will be one to share with the grandkids.



What a View!

Zip through the Central American jungle and enjoy breathtaking views from stories up in the air. Don't hold your breath, it'll make the ground look that much further away!


Pedal to the Metal

Maybe a little less exercise, but oh so exhilarating! Rent some powerful and fun 4-wheelers and speed through some amazing trails all the way until there sun sets over the horizon.


Over and Under

Sometimes the best views are right under our nose! Take the time to see amazing creatures swimming just beneath the surface. Guaranteed to take your breath away (pun intended), there will be a rich and diverse selection of creatures to admire.



Catch 'n Keep

Sometimes working for our meal makes it taste that much better! Journey on an adventure to try to catch some amazing and tasty fish. Be patient though, these ones are as wise as they are tough!



It is a Vacation After-all

A guilty pleasure... be it touristy mementos or local masterpieces, walk the beautifully vivid streets of San Juan. Down every alley there is a treasure awaiting to be found (and bartered). Don't forget to bring something back to your family and friends back home!

The Beach

Simplicity is Key

The best for last... One can't forget what is right under out feet! Sometimes it's fine to just lay down, relax, and soak up the sun. Miles of beach and plenty of ocean to admire, this will be one for the scrapbooks!